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1118 Hooksett Rd.
Hooksett, NH

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NHCars.net is your one stop shop for clean reliable used cars and trucks.

We are conveniently located at 1118 Hooksett Rd, Hooksett NH...1/2 mile north of Route 93 Exit 9N (see map)

After spending our last 28 years in two high volume new car dealerships, we had had enough of the 4 and 5 thousand dollar per unit profits swindled from the consumer. We are changing all that with fair and up-front pricing.

Have you ever asked for a price on a car and the salesperson asks "Well, what would you pay, how much a month can you afford or how much do you want for your trade???” Why do they have to play these games?

We'll give it to you straight the first time!!!!!!!!

Check us out with an email, a phone call or just come by and visit.... we're always happy to see ya!

Selling your car?? how about listing with us... no fee until sold!!!

Take advantage of our advertising and get your car out to the buying public... we can help the buyer with financing, service and state inspection to make the process less stressful. We'll even help with the registration process if it makes it more

Buying a car? What if you had a 24 hour guarantee... no matter how inexpensive the vehicle, we want you to buy with confidence... you won't have to worry if you made the right
decision... it's your money and we don't want you to throw it away!

24-hour Guarantee
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